We would love to hear from energy system installers who are interested in selling ZCell as a part of their energy system solutions.

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ZCell is based around the unique Redflow ZBM2 zinc-bromide flow battery.

We believe that this innovative (and genuinely different) Australian-designed 48 Volt DC battery has technical attributes that make it a better choice than lead-acid or lithium based batteries in stationary energy systems.

These systems can scale from a single ZCell in a home all the way up to large deployments of our technology in grid-scale storage systems.

ZCell works with a variety of conventional 48 Volt DC compatible inverter/chargers and comes bundled with the ZCell BMS to make inverter interfacing easy.

Once you register, we will get back to you and start the ball rolling to see what we can do together.

Part of the process will involve visiting our dedicated training and development lab (located in South Australia) to become familiar with our product in a hands-on setting.

Rather than using the form (though we'd prefer you did), you can also send email to installers@zcell.com with details about yourself and the capabilities of your company.

Redflow Adelaide Lab Victron

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