MultiPlus 48

Victron Energy

Our ZCell works brilliantly with the Victron Energy Multiplus and Multigrid AC Inverter/Charger range

Create flexible AC or DC coupled energy systems, on-grid or off-grid

The MultiGrid 48/3000 unit is the first AS4777.2 accredited Victron Energy product. It can be clustered for higher power applications.

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The Selectronic SP PRO is designed and built in Australia and features a ten year warranty. This highly respected, flexible and powerful product is suitable for a wide range of projects. 

NOTE: Integration with SP PRO 48V Inverter/charger products requires use of the Selectronic ACC CANbus interface board (a plug-in replacement for the standard SP PRO communications board).

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Telco Rectifier

Telco 48V DC Systems

The ZBM2 at the heart of ZCell is ideally suited to 48V telecommunications rectifier based DC energy systems such as those produced by Vertiv.

Telco Applications